The Moderators started as a group of CEO's who were members in the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). They came together to make a cameo appearance at a YPO chapter event, and they've been playing together ever since. The Band plays classic rock-n-roll from the 70's through the 90's. Their target audiences are rock-n-roll fans of all ages who love timeless music. Their songs are all fun to dance to, and chances are you not only know the tunes, but you own the album, CD, or have the songs on your iPod. The band members are all prominent members of the Denver business community who are dedicated to their families, their business, and playing rock-n-roll music.......not always in that order!

Mike Fries – Lead Vocals

Mike is lead singer for The Moderators and claims that all of his singing ability originated in the shower! His talented vocal range allows the band to perform songs by a wide variety of artists. Mike is a Southern California native but has called Denver home for 20 years. His day job is President and CEO of Liberty Global, a publicly-traded, Fortune 500 company, and the largest cable television operator outside the U.S.

Bob Deibel – Drums

Bob is the president of OfficeScapes, a full service commercial furniture company that also has related businesses in commercial tenant finishing, floor covering and telecommunication wiring. Bob has been playing drums for over 30 years and was one of the bands original founding members. Bob grew up in Ft Collins Colorado.

Ed Haselden – Guitar

Ed is the Chairman and CEO of Haselden Construction. Haselden Construction is a commercial general contractor in Denver Colorado and is consistently ranked as one of the largest 5 contractors in the state. Ed began playing guitar in 4th grade and is a Denver native. He’s now guilty of spending more time on Band business than construction.

Bryant Martin – Guitar

Bryant is a Georgia Native who moved to Denver in the early 1980’s. After selling a very successful business that he founded, he began a real estate development career. He now is one of the largest developers and owns multiple related businesses in Costa Rica. Bryant has been playing guitar his entire life.

Curtis Durham – Bass

Curtis owns Bath Nation, a manufacturer of high-quality retail and wholesale bath and body products and day spa supplies. He was born and raised in Miami, Florida and moved to Denver in 1999. Curtis got his start in music by sneaking sessions in on his dad’s old Silvertone guitar when he was a kid.

Josh Skelton – Guitar

Josh grew up in Indianapolis and began his musical career as a live and studio musician for numerous music legends. He moved to Denver and founded Red Turtle Music. Today Red Turtle Music provides music instruction, record and show production and group coaching. Josh works with musicians and song writers of all ages and skill levels to help them achieve their musical goals.

Dick Capek – Keyboards

Dick has been a physician for over 20 years and is currently a Medical Director for Cigna Health Care in Denver. Dick grew up in Colorado. He has played piano and organ in several local garage bands including one with Morrison (that would be Dave) before joining the Moderators. He is now prescribing a dose of rock and roll along with your blood pressure medication.

Carl Fitch – Trumpet

Carl grew up playing jazz and classical trumpet in Denver.  His first band and life-long buddies are still together as Dotsero and they still let him sit in from time to time.  He went to the University of Denver on a music scholarship and before settling down to a family and career he did a recital tour in Europe and studied trumpet in Paris.   His day job is the CEO of the business and technology consulting firm, Statêra, but most evenings and weekends are spent playing trumpet.

Alan J. Mallery – Saxophone

Alan began his musical adventures with piano lessons at age 4 before picking up the saxophone at age 9. He has played in a variety of jazz and rock ensembles, and also writes and records his own keyboard-based instrumental progressive rock music. His latest music venture is playing drums. His day gig involves testing software and providing quality assurance for Oppenheimer Funds.